Wednesday, May, 14th, 2014

Spring is Layering Season This time of year is enough to make us crazy! We invariably start the day wearing the wrong clothes for whatever the weather cooks up for the afternoon. We leave the house in summery strappy sandals and return slogging through the slush. Our mothers and camp counselors would advise dressing in layers. We recently found a great line of tops for just that! Lotus Effect is a small company out of Park City, Utah, which offers a number of fitted tops in different styles from cami’s to long sleeves (we got cami’s, tanks and half-sleeves) in [Read More...]

Monday, May, 5th, 2014

Hey Gardeners… What happens to March, anyway? Somehow February seems just a little too early to start seeds indoors. We feel a bit over- anxious for spring. We try to be patient, wait a few more weeks, and then it’s April. And somehow March sneaked by unnoticed. We really meant to start the seeds the first half of March, but it didn’t happen for another month. Somewhat belated, we recently started a handful of our heirloom Hudson Valley Seed Library seeds: Purple Peacock Broccoli, Goldie Tomatoes and Upstate Oxheart Tomatoes. Said to be a seed farmer’s nightmare as they produce [Read More...]

Tuesday, November, 12th, 2013

We are  gearing up for the holidays and seeing more of our customers every day, as you begin to make selections of gifts for those who are dear to you.  We experience so much joy in helping and getting to know our fabulous customers. We feel so fortunate that you choose to trust us with the special purchases you make.  Our experience of running a boutique is so much more than selling stuff to people. It’s about listening, and caring, and the honor of being invited into people’s lives. Thank you for allowing us to do that for you.