Tuesday, October, 1st, 2013

Fall is in the air. There days are getting shorter, and there’s a slight dusting of snow on the Peak. It’s the time to stop ordering our favorite coffees and teas iced and opt for their warmer counterparts. Socks are a good idea, at least in the morning, and it’s smart to grab a sweater on the way out the door. The temperature is cooler, yet the warmth of the sun makes being outside this time of year in Colorado feel uniquely delicious. One of our favorite things this Fall come from a new friend in Minnesota. Her velvet pumpkins, [Read More...]

Tuesday, May, 21st, 2013

What do books and seeds have in common? Aside from the old metaphors about seeds of knowledge, they can both be found at the library. Really. You never heard of the Seed Library? Well, now you will. One of our favorite small companies from our 2012 New York buying trip is the Hudson Valley Seed Library. They grow, save, and share seeds. As a small independent, mission-based business they aspire to keep great heirloom seeds out of the pockets of large corporations and “in the dirty hands of gardeners.” They carry only heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, and grow many of [Read More...]