Come “check out” our seeds!

Tuesday, May, 21st, 2013 at 4:38 pm by aba_tina_admin

Seed LibraryWhat do books and seeds have in common? Aside from the old metaphors about seeds of knowledge, they can both be found at the library. Really. You never heard of the Seed Library? Well, now you will. One of our favorite small companies from our 2012 New York buying trip is the Hudson Valley Seed Library. They grow, save, and share seeds. As a small independent, mission-based business they aspire to keep great heirloom seeds out of the pockets of large corporations and “in the dirty hands of gardeners.” They carry only heirloom and open-pollinated varieties, and grow many of theirvarieties on their small upstate New York farm. Others come from like-minded small independent seed growers. The seeds are grown, saved and packed by hand in unique envelopes designed by local (to NY) artists.

I am excited to plant as many of these flower and veggie varieties as my yard will hold. That is after I make a few runs to Fran’s stable for composted horse manure. Since diversity is so important in gardening, we carry a mix of flowers and veggies. Among these are: Moonflower, whose large white fragrant flowers bloom at night; Breadseed poppies, a large pink to purple oriental poppy which produces copious amounts of seeds; Kaleidoscope carrots in a rainbow of colors; Dragon’s tongue beans, yellow and purple speckled flat wax beans; and Blacktail Mountain watermelon, a fast-growing, cool tolerant melon – we’ll see.

Look for further updates on the progress of my Seed Library Garden. And the best part is – NO OVERDUE FEES!

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