Hey, Gardeners!

Monday, May, 5th, 2014 at 2:25 pm by abaTina

Ox-Heart Tomato

Ox-Heart Tomato

Hey Gardeners…

What happens to March, anyway?

Somehow February seems just a little too early to start seeds indoors. We feel a bit over- anxious for spring. We try to be patient, wait a few more weeks, and then it’s April. And somehow March sneaked by unnoticed. We really meant to start the seeds the first half of March, but it didn’t happen for another month.

Somewhat belated, we recently started a handful of our heirloom Hudson Valley Seed Library seeds: Purple Peacock Broccoli, Goldie Tomatoes and Upstate Oxheart Tomatoes. Said to be a seed farmer’s nightmare as they produce very few seeds in their massive deep red fruits, these are also a tomato farmer’s dream. We can’t wait to sample them! But it will be awhile. We are blaming it on elusive March.

If we can nurse the little babies past the fragile, leggy sprout stage, we should have garden updates as we track the progress of these and other varieties. One of our favorite things about Seed Library seeds is their lovely art packs and clever names. We plan to grow Zamboni Broccoli Raab, Long Island Cheese Pumpkins, Merlot and Spotted Trout Lettuces as well as some flower varieties.

Look for future updates on Velvet Queen Sunflowers, Good Bug Blooms, and Burgundy Okra which produce pretty white blooms similar to hibiscus, as well as stunning red pods; a beautiful addition to the garden whether you are an okra lover or not. We will let you know how our garden grows, how about yours? And next year, why not simply succumb to the call of spring in February?


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