Layer by layer

Wednesday, May, 14th, 2014 at 10:02 am by abaTina

modbodSpring is Layering Season

This time of year is enough to make us crazy! We invariably start the day wearing the wrong clothes for whatever the weather cooks up for the afternoon. We leave the house in summery strappy sandals and return slogging through the slush. Our mothers and camp counselors would advise dressing in layers.

We recently found a great line of tops for just that! Lotus Effect is a small company out of Park City, Utah, which offers a number of fitted tops in different styles from cami’s to long sleeves (we got cami’s, tanks and half-sleeves) in a rainbow of colors. Did we say “fitted”!? Now wait a minute. Don’t dismiss these just because they are fitted. The baby soft cotton/modal/spandex fabric works wonders – it stays put under other garments and the spandex helps to just hold everything in a bit. Like getting to pilates a few more times a week… only easier.

We were trying to remember what sounded so great about these when we ordered them, then Sarah put one on under a skirt and was instantly converted. It really doesn’t roll up, which is great, because who needs fabric to creep up into another spare tire around the waist? Waist? Yes, there is that waist. I knew it was around here somewhere… She wanted to wear it every day, but for all our sakes has agreed to only wear it a couple times a week. And to wait for the new shipment to come in and buy a few more.

Come in and try one; you too may be tempted to keep it on all week!

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